In the last several years, Facebook advertising revolutionized digital advertising with its hyper-specific targeting, use of social influence, and various forms of integrated media. Companies have the ability to create sophisticated marketing campaigns to engage social browsers, and turn them into paying customers

Why We Are Different

At Pineapple, we’re happy to be a mid-size boutique digital agency versus the humongous advertising companies in NYC. Why? Because it allows us to give your business the personal attention it deserves.

Pineapple has managed thousands of campaigns with up to 480% ROI-positive advertising spend across various industries, and have repeatedly outperformed competing agencies. You’ll have direct contact with your own Facebook expert who works directly with you to achieve your company’s unique KPIs.

Also, there’s no “set it and forget it” when it comes to digital marketing. It’s crucial to keep a close handle on performance analytics, and make smart adjustments on the fly.

Along with your Facebook advertising, Pineapple’s experts work closely with clients to create a complete marketing funnel, write compelling copy, optimize the media (graphics and video), pivot to additional platforms like Adwords, and continuously improving conversions while growing revenue.

Case Study #1

Understanding our client’s demographic and knowing how/where to target them is critical to Facebook advertising success. We helped a cryptocurrency consultancy find hyper-targeted audiences by using FB’s lookalike audience feature and interests.

Within the two month, our client tripled their daily email subscribers to at least 1,800 per day, saw a cost per lead of 67 cents (and decreasing), and nearly doubled their monthly revenue.

The incredible thing? We’re just getting started!

Case Study #2

Earlier this year, Pineapple was engaged by a major online retailer who felt they could get more from their digital spend. We analyzed their previous efforts, and created a multivariate testing flight to learn more. Based on those returns we built a series of landing pages, prepared creative and copy for the ads, and split the budget across Facebook and AdWords, with a supporting retargeting campaign. By constantly monitoring the analytics and tweaking the campaign accordingly, we more than tripled our client’s ROI.

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