E-commerce development requires an intimate knowledge of various platforms and the technologies underpinning them. A typical project involves selecting a platform, building a template, creating or migrating a product database, and optimizing the site to improve customer acquisition, customer retention, and average basket values.

Online retailers are stealing a lot of business from physical locations as the world continues to rely on the digital web and their mobile devices. We help our clients stand out from the crowd and bring their physical goods into the hands of their customers.

Why We Are Different

E-commerce projects call for all hands on deck, generally involving designers, developers, and database experts, along with a consideration for SEO, conversion rate optimization, and digital marketing such as Facebook advertising and Google Adwords. Additionally, we help our clients present their physical products via engaging video to promote awareness, social sharing, and purchases.

At Pineapple, we give our clients personal attention in fulfilling their e-commerce goals by performing all of the work in-house, and providing them with open accessibility to all of our team’s experts. With dozens of e-commerce sites under our belt, we’re well ahead of the game when it comes to planning and executing an e-commerce project, no matter what the size or complexity.

Case Study

Flow Kinetic, a growing supplements brand, were looking to make a splash as they launched a national advertising campaign, but felt that their existing e-commerce site was a little lackluster. We advised that they migrate from their outdated, cumbersome e-commerce platform to a more lightweight option requiring less ongoing maintenance, and immediately reducing project costs. In line with their aggressive branding, we built a striking template which pushed big-ticket items to the forefront, and made checkout quicker and easier. The outcome was an increase in sales even prior to the launch of their ad campaign.

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