Conversion Rate Optimization – CRO for short – is part-tech, part-psychology, and 100% focused on encouraging customers to undertake key actions. CRO best practices are the result of millions of hours of testing across hundreds of thousands of sites. The goal of CRO is to build sites that increase a visitor’s likelihood of becoming a customer, spending more, or otherwise completing a specified online action.

Why We Are Different

CRO is the rising tide that lifts all boats. Dedicating a portion of each project to optimization can significantly improve outcomes across the board, increasing the amount of time visitors spend on the site, the likelihood they’ll check out, and the amount they ultimately spend.

At Pineapple, we don’t believe that CRO technology is only for big companies. That’s why with every SEO, Adwords, and Facebook marketing project, we commit to our clients expert advice from our conversion rate optimization specialists.

To start making business decisions on your website based on statistical significance and hard-data, set up a call with one of our CRO experts today.

Case Study

A B2C business with an e-commerce portal contacted us to help improve conversions, which were just under 4% for new visitors. Their site, though modern and pleasing to look at, violated a number of CRO principles. We restructured the homepage to streamline navigation, and introduced clear, compelling calls to action, using differentiated color blocking for emphasis. Subtle changes to the language, updated imagery, and an improved mobile experience rounded out the project, which resulted in a 103% uptick in conversions.

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